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Speaking about Life Fulfillment…

✨A big part of transformational coaching is about helping people find fulfillment in their lives. While this work takes time and is deeply personal, below I am sharing some key steps that could be helpful for you to get closer to that goal:

1️⃣ Accept your past. I promise you’ve made no mistakes ever! You’ve always done the best you could for yourself given the resources you had. Now, learn from it and move forward.

2️⃣ Stop trying to change people (partners, parents, siblings, friends). See and accept them for who they are. And then make a choice whether they help you grow or it’s time for boundaries.

3️⃣ Start hearing yourself. What is it that You really want? What excites You? What are Your gifts? What do you want people to know about You?

4️⃣ Make a plan. What will your life look like if you woke up tomorrow being the person you’ve always wanted to be? What stands on the way between you today and that person? What steps (tiny steps!) do you need to take to get yourself there?

5️⃣ Get your squad! Find a likeminded community, accountability partner, mentor, or a coach who would help you get through your journey. In other words, when you feel like slowing down as too much change might feel uncomfortable, there is always a helping hand that will guide you forward.

✨Finding true life fulfillment might be a life long mission, but we can make progress toward accepting ourselves and celebrating who we are every day.

💬 What are your thoughts on these steps or perhaps you can add to the list from your own experience.



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