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Energize Your Leadership: Dream™, Ignite, Achieve

Transform productivity challenges into opportunities by uniting team values, fostering strategic actions, and achieving real results.

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Hi, I am Kamilla Pinel, creator of the DREAM™ methodology. I help you overcome leadership and productivity challenges by fostering authentic leadership for transformative success.

In today's complex business environment, leadership and productivity challenges can often feel overwhelming. As a leader, your mission is to drive strategic objectives and foster innovation. With over a decade of experience in global corporations, I offer a clear path forward.

The DREAM™ methodology integrates deep corporate insights with transformative leadership coaching to empower you and your team. Through tailored keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions, I help you unlock and hone the authentic leadership qualities necessary for high performance and alignment.


Embrace the principles of authentic leadership. Let this proven approach guide you and your team not just to meet your strategic goals but to exceed them. Experience the transformational power of genuine leadership and achieve remarkable success and fulfillment. With the DREAM™ methodology, turn every challenge into an opportunity for growth. Start your journey to becoming an authentic leader today.

About Kamilla

Immigrating from Uzbekistan at the age of 19 and navigating my way through the competitive finance world of New York City, to the innovation-driven environment of Silicon Valley, and now thriving in sunny San Diego, my journey has been a blend of growth, discovery, and transformation.


Throughout that journey, I've realized the profound impact of dreaming—not merely as a distant aspiration, but as a guiding force shaping our path towards authenticity and fulfillment. Dreaming, to me, transcends beyond goal-setting; it entails daring to envision a future in line with our values and aspirations. It embodies embracing creativity, resilience, and relentless pursuit, even amidst adversity.

This belief fueled the creation of the DREAM methodology—a framework empowering individuals to transform dreams into reality. With firsthand experience and numerous success stories, I've witnessed the transformative power of bold dreaming and intentional action. As the visionary behind DREAM and the founder of You Dream You Do Coaching LLC, I'm committed to empowering others to unlock their potential, redefine their path, and craft purposeful, extraordinary lives.

Why choose me for your next event? I offer more than just presentations; I provide transformative experiences that create an environment of energy-driven innovation and authentic achievement.

Let's together redefine leadership in this ever-evolving world. Your journey towards dynamic leadership and fulfillment starts now. Let’s make it extraordinary.


Kamilla's Talks


Charting Success: Mastering the Art of Goal Setting

Embark on a transformative journey towards leadership excellence with this keynote presentation. Delve into the innovative strategies and sensory-rich visualization techniques that drive peak performance and goal achievement in today's fast-paced corporate environment. Through compelling insights and practical examples, discover how aligning personal values with professional goals fosters unparalleled motivation and productivity.


Join me as we unveil the blueprint for professional success, empowering individuals and organizations to reach new heights of achievement and fulfillment.


  • Unlock Personal and Professional Alignment: Learn to synchronize your personal values with your professional aspirations to drive deeper engagement and success.

  • Enhance Visualization Skills: Master sensory-rich visualization techniques to vividly envisage and achieve your goals.

  • Blueprint for Success: Gain practical strategies to set, pursue, and achieve your goals effectively, enhancing both personal and professional growth.


Stagnation to Success: Unlock Authentic Leadership and Inspire Your Team 

Step into the engaging world of "Energy and Leadership," a presentation that highlights the pivotal role of energy in effective leadership. This session provides a straightforward and relatable exploration of how energy shifts can revolutionize your leadership style, improve decision-making, and create a positive work atmosphere.


Featuring real success stories, actionable strategies, and an interactive workshop, participants will learn to recognize their energy levels and implement significant changes to become more motivating and influential leaders.


  • Energize Your Leadership: Discover how to harness and shift your energy to enhance your influence and effectiveness as a leader.

  • Improve Decision-Making: Learn strategies for clearer and more impactful decision-making by managing your energy levels.

  • Create a Positive Atmosphere: Implement energy management techniques to foster a more supportive and productive work environment.


Energizing Change: Cultivate Serenity for Dynamic Transitions

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, mastering transition is crucial for individuals and organizations alike. Whether adapting to new team structures, navigating corporate relocations, or shifting professional roles, moving seamlessly and successfully through changes sets top performers apart. Join me, as I draw on my extensive experience of thriving through transitions to show you how to handle organizational and personal shifts with grace and expertise.

Together, we’ll explore actionable strategies and mindset shifts needed to turn change into opportunity for your teams and the entire organization.

  • Adaptive Strategies for Teams: Learn how teams can adapt quickly to new structures and environments, minimizing downtime and maximizing cohesion.

  • Navigating Corporate Relocations: Discover best practices for managing the complexities of corporate relocations, ensuring smooth transitions for all stakeholders.

  • Resilience in Role Transitions: Gain insights on fostering resilience during role changes, to help employees maintain performance and morale.

Kamilla's Testimonials

Image by Nicholas Green

“She is an amazing guide! Kamilla helped me see what was stopping me and how I can genuinely improve the quality of my life for the better."

 - "Ignite Your Vision" Program Participant, Fishers, MN


Evgeniya Egorov

"Kamilla's ability to engage, lead, inspire, and bring the best out of our participants was phenomenal. "

 - "The Power of Giving" Event Host, San Diego, CA


Ricardo Villa

“Thank you for such an inspirational talk on energy leadership!” 

 - "7 Levels of Energy" Talk Guest,

San Diego, CA



"Kamilla is not only extremely organized and professional, but her leadership and public speaking skills were outstanding. She came well prepared, motivated the participants and kept track of the task at hand in a professional yet courteous manner. I highly recommend her for your next event! "

 - Christmas Fundraiser Coordinator, San Diego, CA


Petra Beals

Working with Kamilla on an interactive session on Energy & Leadership was a pleasure. Her engaging and creative delivery highlighted how our energies and leadership impact team outcomes. Kamilla provided practical strategies to enhance team dynamics, which I found valuable for both professional and personal development. Grateful for the insights she shared!

- "Energy and Leadership" PMI Workshop Coordinator, San Diego, CA


Melisa Aguilera Becker

Let's Connect


I am Kamilla Pinel, and I will take you on a transformative journey with my innovative DREAM™ framework, designed to unlock the full potential of every individual and team within your organization.


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